Writing Articles

An Introduction For Online Writers

This page is a beginner's guide to writing articles for the Internet. It explains:

  • What article marketing is
  • Why it is so popular
  • How writing these type of articles differs from traditional articles, and
  • How to get started

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What Is Article Marketing?

To understand what article marketing is, you need to know how Google and the other search engines like Yahoo!, Ask and MSN work. When someone types a phrase into Google (e.g. "diamond rings"), its powerful computer looks for this phrase in every single website on the planet.

How does it decide which website to put at the top of the first results page? There are different factors to take into account, but one of the most important is backlinks.

A free and relatively easy way to get lots of backlinks is by writing articles for article directories. You give them your article, and in return they link to your website. Bloggers and ezine publishers may also republish your article, giving you yet more backlinks from the same article.

This system of getting backlinks is called article marketing.

Why Is It So Popular?

  1. It's free
  2. It's relatively easy
  3. It has a snowball effect - the longer your article is out there in directories, the more backlinks it acquires

  4. How Is Producing Articles This Way Different From Printed Articles?

    Internet articles are generally much shorter and simpler than ones you might find in magazines and newspapers.

    There are 2 reasons for this. Reading text on a computer screen is harder on the eyes, and the Internet is the medium of instant information.

    The good news is that article writing in the dotcom world is far, far less complicated than for printed publications.

    Your chances of getting a piece accepted are also far, far higher.

    How Do I Write An Online Article?

    No problem. Let me show you here

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