What Are Backlinks?

In Plain & Simple Language

What are backlinks and why are they so important?

It is virtually impossible to visit any website without coming across links to other websites. These are also called hyperlinks, but very few people who create websites use this term. So we'll just stick to 'links' too.

Different Types Of Link

A hyperlink is any link from one webpage to another.

A reciprocal link or link exchange is where website A links to website B, and website B returns the favour by linking to website A.

A backlink or non-recoprocal link or inbound link happens when website A links to website B, but this time website B does not link back.

Website B is the site with the backlink.

One of the most important ways that search engines like google decide which are the most popular sites is by counting how many backlinks that site has.

Google likes backlinks because if you link to another site it's like a vote: "This website has something I want you to see - follow this link".

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