Article Resource Box Guide

For Internet Writers

Neglect the author's resource box at your peril when writing
Internet articles! This guide explains exactly what you need to know to make the most of your bio box (as it's also known), so that you get the maximum amount of readers clicking through to your website.

The resource or bio box, found at the end of your article, is your chance to sell yourself to the visitor who has just read your article. However, you are limited in how much you can write - so you have to be economical with your words. Like paraphrasing in the body of the article, it gets easier with practise.

The most important rule of the bio box? Never re-use the same one. Those masters of the web - the search engines - will conclude that you're churning out duplicate content and your hard article writing efforst will have been for nothing.

Here's how to avoid regurgitating the same old article resource boxes:

1. Write the resource/bio box. For example:

For more practical information on this topic, visit toddler-discipline. Joe Bloggs has over 20 years' valuable experience in childcare. Go to
toddler ideas and receive your FREE Tantrum Prevention Kit.

Not every article directory requires you to put the html code around your links - just write them as you would in an email:

Ezinearticles for example don't need the html - but goarticles do.

Notice that in the bio box the only part of that is a link (also known as the anchor text) is the word toddler. This is because 'toddler' is the site keyword. Always use the keyword that you are trying to 'win' as the anchor text where possible.

2. For your next article, simply copy this text, but change adjectives and paraphrase any way you can. So you might end up with:

For more insider information about this subject, visit toddler-discipline. Joe Bloggs has over 2 decades of invaluable experience in childcare. Go to toddler ideas and receive your FREE anti-tantrum gift.

(Words in bold are just for the purposes of explanation.)

3. If you are writing a few versions of the same article, it's a good idea to vary the pages on your website that the article links to. You want to avoid creating any duplicate content whatsoever.

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