Change Your Money Mind

Parts 2 and 3

Only £3.75 Until 10th January

Do you want to gain control of your spending and finances?  

Wish you could look your bank balance in the face?

You've read Part 1 of Change Your Money Mind. You understand just why some of us go haywire when it comes to spending and losing control of our finances.

Now it's time to do something about it.

Part 2

Take Control

With 100% money-back guarantee

Break free of overspending
  • Unlearn bad shopping habits
  • The vital thing to remember about using cash
  • Easily assess how much you really need that 'to-die-for' item
  • Find out what the Holiday Technique is and how it can help you to enjoy shopping more, while spending less

A Fearless Money Mindset
  • A practical approach to managing your money. Even the most financially phobic can start turning things around today
  • Stop useless anxiety ruling your life and replace it with confident 'can do' attitude to your finances
  • Learn how the power of habit can sometimes actually help you in your quest to improve your money mindset
  • How ten minutes a day can save you £$hundreds over time

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Only £3.75 Until 10th January

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Simple, tried and tested techniques to help every woman start managing their money. It's filled with easy to understand ideas about how and why we spend money and then provides clever strategies to help you keep your money in your purse.

If you need to stop spending and start saving, then let this be your last purchase. It'll certainly help you to save thousands!

Nicola Ray

Learn How To Keep Your New Year's Resolutions!

Many people find sticking to their goals difficult once the initial enthusiasm has worn off.

In part 2 you will discover two little known - but very powerful - tools (from respected self-help experts) that will dramatically increase your ability to make the powerful changes described above permanent.

Part 2 is a non-patronising book for the modern woman without the usual jargon you'd expect in a financial manual.

A common sense approach to changing your whole outlook on your finances; well worth a read!

I will use this not only for my personal spending but for my business too.

Nicci Stoneley
Runs her own Kindaroo franchise
Fun Fitness for 2 - 5 Year Olds

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This is easy-to-follow, not patronising and makes you feel like you’re not alone.

Ali Brown, Lecturer, Central Sussex College, UK

Part 3

Create Financial Security

All of us have the potential to increase our earnings. There is no shortage of experts out there with step-by-step guidance.

What stops us is lack of self-belief. It really is as simple as that.

So dive in now and get motivated through others' success stories, women who have beaten the odds to attain that financial security that we all crave.

Inspiring stories of women who have created wealth and financial security from nothing:

  • Working mums
  • Women with zero start up capital or business experience
  • Women who lost everything but refused to take it lying down

I’ve even thrown in a few self-made millionaires for good measure!

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

Still not sure? Read parts 2 & 3 and see if these techniques work for you. If they don't, just contact me for a full, no quibble refund. You won't even need to return the ebooks - it's that easy.

Think about this: if there is even just one idea here that makes a long-term difference to your life, do you really want to miss out on knowing what it is?

Helps you take control of your money instead of it taking control of you

Beth Dunn
London Chocolate Group

An intelligent and inspiring read. Not only does it look at how we, as women, manage or rather avoid managing our financial situation, but it also offers refreshing and positive solutions to solving these money hang-ups. It's realistic but positive and gives psychological reasons behind our money behaviour, which makes us realise that it isn't our fault through lack of will-power for poor money management but rather a case of habit. I thoroughly recommend this book to every woman that wants to take control of their finance in an achievable and straightforward way.

Helen Marsh, Lecturer, Telford College of Arts & Technology, Uk

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