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This page has a wide variety of intelligent Michael Jackson quotes, both from the man himself and commentators.

We have deliberately kept away from sensationalism in the wide range of opinions expressed below.

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How To Adapt Michael Jackson Quotes

He had "the face of an angel with jet lag."
Gilbert Adair

Click here to see an example of how to recycle this quote in your own writing.

"Michael Jackson was a musical genius and a human tragedy".
Oona king

Recycle this to help describe someone or something with contrasting qualities. Avoid but - link the two with and instead:
New York is an exciting city of opportunity and a dangerous money pit.

"I was a veteran before I was a teenager"
Michael Jackson

An easy one to adapt. The possibilities are endless:
She was a black belt before she had finished the self-defence class
He'd read the book by the time I'd finished the first chapter"

"A little black boy on American Bandstand...with a voice that wouldn't break, dance moves that couldn't fail and an afro that wouldn't threaten."
Gary Younge

Read this quote aloud and hear the rhythm. Three descriptions in a row like this is called a triplet. Try to inject your writing with triplets - they are incredibly pleasing to the ear and have a sense of completeness that reinforces your point.

"Jackson betrayed that damaging stereotypical image we were used to being fed of black men - butch, broad, strong, sexual. He was pretty. He was camp."
Diana Evans

This is a really powerful way of saying that the singer made us rethink our prejudices about black men being macho. Using betrayed alerts us and makes us think the writer is about to criticise Jackson - but then we read the whole phrase and we realise that she's actually on his side.

Other Memorable Michael Jackson Quotes

"Jackson was undone by his own naivety."
Simon Hattenstone

Talking about British black people's disappointment that Jackson lightened his skin tone:
"It was as if the teenager we had wanted to look like had turned into a man who did not want to look like us."
Gary Younge

"His every move seemed to say..."Yes, I am amazing. Yes, I am off for a ride by myself on an empty fairground. P.S. Here is my best friend: a chimp called bubbles."
Peter Robinson

"Jackson was the genetic engineer who took out MTV's racist gene. MTV owes him for teaching them what the future was going to be."
Lemn Sissay

"If ever there was a candidate to tick the box "other" on the racial categories of forms, it was Jackson."
Gary Younge

"All of Hollywood has plastic surgery...It's just my nose, you know."
Michael Jackson

"Wacko Jacko the discredited King of pop is dead, long live Michael Jackson the king of Pop."
Simon Hattenstone

All of the quotes about Jackson are taken from interviews in the British newspaper The Guardian - published on 27th June 2009, two days after his death.

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