How To Write Web Articles

The Secret Is NOT In The Content... So Where??

The key element of success when it comes to how to write web articles is not what you might think.

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The key is not having original content.

It's not having perfect grammar and spelling.

It's not optimising the article for search engines.

All these are important, but what really counts is...

The Title

A great article title means that visitors will click through to your content. A rubbish title means that your 250 - 500 words will have been for nothing - a total waste.

Look at the difference between these 2 article titles:

Essential Tips For Household Budgeting
Household Budgeting: Let Your Next Holiday Pay For Itself

The second one is far, far better. But why?

This page will explain how to craft article titles that stand out from the crowd.

7 Ways To Write Effective Titles

Intrigue the reader
Make him curious - just how can budgeting finance a vacation? However you should avoid the Get Rich Quick vocabulary of the Internet scammer ("Earn $1 million by next Thursday"). It has to sound possible.

Be specific
'Earn £1,000 In 3 Months' is far more inviting than 'Increase Your Salary!' Say exactly how long it takes to achieve X. Use percentages and other tangible progress markers.

Use action words on a CV: discover, learn, achieve, find out, earn, lose (weight), sell, buy... the list goes on.

Keyword position
The keyword must be near the start of the title, to shout "This is what the article is about!" to the search engines. A good way to keep to this rule is to follow this formula...

Keyword + Benefit
For example:
Juice Fasting - How It Helps Weight Loss
Selling On Ebay: Make Money Dejunking Your Attic

Use long titles
...of between 70 and 100 characters (a character is a letter, number or space).

Be explicit
Clever and cryptic titles belong to offline, printed magazines. Using the keyword will keep you on the straight and narrow here - but make sure the rest of the title is self-evident too.

If you want to know how to write web articles, you do need to understand more than just how important titles are. Follow this link for the whole picture.

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