How To Write An Article
For The Internet

This step-by-step guide explains how to write an article for internet article directories, to drive maximum traffic to your website.

Article marketing is a proven way to increase visitors and backlinks to your website.

It might seem like a lot of hassle at first, but it's easier than you think.

Follow this guide and see just how easy it is:

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Step One

Have some content on your website. If your site is an online store, set up a blog on the site that gives useful information about your products and issues relating to them.

Step Two

Decide which page on your site you want to drive traffic to. You are now going to write an article that is based on either:

the keyword (KW) or keyword phrase of this page


a related KW phrase (For example you could write an article on ornamental grasses which links to a page on landscape gardening).

Using related KW phrases is useful if you want to write lots of articles that link to the same page, to get high search engine rankings.

Step Three

Include the KW phrase in the article title - the nearer the start, the better. A good way to achieve this is make all your article titles follow this formula:
Keyword Phrase + Colon + Teaser

For example:

Home Business Opportunities: 7 Reasons To Quit Your Job

Follow this link for more on crafting a perfect title.

Step Four

Write the article itself. No need to reinvent the wheel here - just take some (not all) of the relevant content from your website and rewrite it. Split it into short paragraphs. A good format is 5 or 7 tips,
1 per paragraph. Article writing tips goes into this in more detail.

Step Five

In the bio or resource box, state explicitly that more information can be found at the relevant page on your website.

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