Best Spinner Review

Is It Actually Any Good?

This Best Spinner review is useful for everyone who is thinking of trying it out, but especially for non-techies
(I am one myself).

Reviews on the web are generally promotions in disguise.

I know that you are far too clued up to buy into any
my whole existence was incomplete before this amazing product entered my life etc etc
type spiels, so this one will give you my unvarnished take on:

  • What The Best Spinner can do
  • What's good about it
  • What's not so good about it
  • If it's worth it

I have been using this software for about 6 months to spin unique versions of articles to submit online for my SEO business, so I have a lot of experience with it.

What Is It?

The Best Spinner is a piece of software that enables you to spin (or rewite) multiple unique versions of the same article.

You copy and paste your original article into the spinner. It can then rewrite some of the text for you, reducing your need to do it yourself.

After this you use the spinning tool to click on further word and sentence replacements - or add your own.

What's Good About It?

This Best Spinner review has quite a few features that I do really like:

#1 - It Makes Your Rewrites Unique

To do its job building links to your website, any spun article must be unique. There is a percentage score you can give every spun article online - and you can see your score as you spin the article.

#2 - It's Fast & Easy

Next: As a fully paid up member of the 'article spinning bores the pants off me' club, what I liked most about this is how fast and easy it is to use.

Firstly you can click on the replace icon. This identifies every word and phrase that has been replaced by other Best Spinner users in their articles - then spins them to produce a multiple new and unique versions of your article.

(And of course you can see how unique this instantly spun article is by the % at the top of the screen.)

After this, you replace words and phrases using the spinning tool. In many cases, you can simply click on suggested alternatives.

For example, if your original text contains the word


the spinning tool will suggest
ought to have
should get

- you just click on those words you want and they become part of the spun article.

#3 - Quality Control

Thirdly, it allows you to create real quality spun articles if that is your priority. There are multiple levels of spinning. For example:

{Don’t believe it?|Not {sure|certain|completely sure about this}?}

Eh? Multiple levels of spinning??
Don't worry if it's all getting a bit confusing. The Best Spinner has a good tutorial that explains everything

Here you can see that there are 2 versions of the same sentence:

Don’t believe it?
Not sure?

But in addition to this, sure has a further 2 alternatives to choose from:

completely sure about this?

These multiple levels will enable you to achieve a greater uniqueness score and so make Google index the links from each article faster.

If you just want to knockout multiple versions of the same article without an eye to quality, you can do that too - in a fraction of the time.

#4 - Your Gran Could Use It

(Simply have to include this one in the Best Spinner review) The great thing about the web is that it allows non techies (like me!) to use software that automates dull tasks. However, sometimes this software is created by very geeky computer experts in such a way as to be completely incomprehensible to the non techies.

I am happy to say that the installation and getting to grips with the spinner was really easy :)

#5 - Great Value

Halleluyah! I am so sick of this trend among Internet products and services to charge us a monthly fee, thus locking us into a never-ending financial commitment.

I love that this has a yearly fee of $77, and of course a free $7 trial - even better, you can easily get to grips with it in the week's trial period.

What's Not So Good About It?

No product is perfect, and no Best Spinner review would be complete without a totally honest assessment of its downsides:

#1 - The Replacement Tool

This is the little icon that allows you to replace a word/phrase with other people's choices when they used the software.

I found that quite a few of the replacements were not very good at all, eg concert might get replaced with symphony. I generally use article spinning for clients' web promotions, and these are people who want to read the spun articles.

What this means is that if you want a high standard of English in your rewritten articles, you will need to go through and select the replacements yourself. This is not such a problem if you simply need unique articles with a more basic level of English.

#2 - It's Still Work

Let's face it, nobody spins articles for the pleasure of it. However, when I first came across The Best Spinner, I heard rave reviews along the lines of "It actually makes spinning addictive."

Hold on a sec.

One word -


IMO rewriting articles can never be described as anything nearing addictive.

Even though it speeds the work up considerably, you will not find me saying 'Hold on, it's Saturday night! I must rush home for a bit more article spinning'

Is It Worth It?

The The Best Spinner costs $7 for a week's trial, then $77 per year thereafter.

Is it worth the money?

All things considered, I would say yes. The more I use it, the quicker it gets - and remember, that's high quality articles I'm talking about.

If you just want to produce unique articles with more basic English, you could create lots of unique rewrites in as little as half an hour.

Anyway, don't just take my word for it - take the $7 trial and see for yourself.

Do you have any comments about this Best Spinner review? Contact us here - we'd be interested in how it works for you too.

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