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Are you looking for some really practical, effective article writing tips that will save you time submitting articles that only get rejected?

This is the page for you.

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The Single Most Important Article Writing Tip... don't tell the reader the whole story - the whole point of writing your article is to create a backlink to your website, hopefully one that the reader will actually click on.

She will only do this if she is interested - so you should arouse curiosity through giving some useful information. You can advertise your link as the way she gets the exra information: "Follow this link to learn 3 more successful dating strategies"

Other Tips

The easy way to provide this incomplete information is to rewrite some of the page you are linking to. 50 - 70% is a good rule of thumb.

Even easier is to relate (and link) your article to a hub page. A hub page like this one has many subpages that branch off it. You can write about any of these subpages, or a general article that covers a few pages. Either way, you can see how much content you have to exploit for article writing.

Remember this word: Rewrite. Never copy and paste your original website content - there's no point. Search engines can tell. Any visitors who, having read your article, click through to your site will be disappointed and bored by rereading the same old content. No prizes for guessing what they'll do next (it doesn't involve staying on your site).

Avoiding duplicate content is easier than you think.

Page length Write between 250 and 500 words (check each article directory for their minimum word count). Some say that search engines like a good, meaty page of at least 400 words, and after 500 people tend to lose interest. The Internet is the medium of instant info: get to the point.

Paragraphs should be short - one or two sentences. It is essential that the reader can scan your content.

Layout should, like page length and paragraphs, help people scan and get the knowledge they are searching for as quickly as possible.This webpage has been built using 3 break tags between each paragraph and bolding only the most important word(s). Experiment and see if this layout works for you.

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