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This page will explain

  • What exactly article spinning is
  • Why do it
  • How to make it easier

When you spin an article, you take your original version and rewrite it (sometimes using software) to produce multiple and completely unique versions of this original.

It is usually quicker and easier than manually rewriting from scratch.

Why Spin Articles?

If you are using article marketing to build lots of one-way links to your website, you will know how much more powerful these backlinks from content-rich pages are than say, directory submissions.

Great! You think. I'll just write lots of articles to build links.

Then you get writer's cramp (not to mention really bored).

Spinning your original text allows you to produce many unique versions much more quickly.

How To Make It Easier

So - how to spin articles? There are various ways to do it, which are explained below. I have tried all of these out myself. If any of you are non-techies, you can rest assured that if I can do it, so can you!

Method #1 - DIY

  1. Copy and paste your original into a new document
  2. Next, highlight various words or sentences you want to paraphrase
  3. Now delete these and replace them with your alternatives
This method of article spinning can work, and is easier than rewriting from scratch, but it's still time-consuming. You need to go through this process for each version. How do you know you haven't accidentally repeated yourself? (Don't get done for duplicate content)

The simplest way to spin articles is to use some software. Here are some that I have road tested myself...

Method #2 - The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner allows you to spin quite easily and suggests words and phrases so you don't have to think it all up yourself. A real relief after trying to do it manually.

I really like the fact that (a)it's quite intuitive to use for non-techies like me; and (b)there's no monthly subscription.

You can try it out for yourself with a the $7 trial

Method #3 - Unique Article Wizard

Unique Article Wizard is a spinner and article submission service rolled into one.

What it does is enable you to spin your article in such a way as to create many many unique versions, which it then automatically submits to article directories.

This service also has a trial - you can get your money back any time in the first 30 days.

Try it out here

Method #4 - Magic Article Rewriter

Magic Article Rewriter is another spinner with software that you load onto your computer, just like The Best Spinner.

The problem I had with MAR was that I found it too complicated to load onto my computer. So I cannot recommend it or otherwise. However, do try it out yourself - it has a 90 day money-back guarantee.

Whichever article spinning tools you do decide to try, it is worth having a go with at least one. Content is becoming ever more important to Google, and this is why article marketing is always going to be one of the best ways to get direct and indirect (eg from search engine listings) traffic to your site.

NOTE: Please be aware that The Online Writing Genie receives a commission if you purchase or subscribe to any of these services/products. However, this has no impact on the price you pay.

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