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This page has lots of innovative article ideas for online writers.

If you need to produce lots of articles based around the same keyword, in order to build your backlinks, then you have come to the right place!

Visit this page for some inspiration to beat writer's block.

Often we need to build many links to one page, which can be tricky. How can you come up with enough article ideas, enough angles, to keep your writing fresh enough to get visitors to click through to your website?

The answer is...

Article Templates

An article template just means a type of article that you can use as the structure for lots of article topics. Having a template is often enough to start firing off ideas in your head.

The most obvious example is the tips article, where you briefly summarise 5 - 10 tips, 1 per paragraph.

Here is a selection of other templates. Some of these are so good that that the articles write themselves!

Three/Five/Seven Steps To Achieving/Learning X Before you start typing this type of article, spend 5 minutes making notes, breaking down the particular skill into the steps (use 1 sentence descriptions of each step).

Secrets Of X - can be retitled as Little Known Ways To... or
3/5/7 Underrated Ways To Achieve X. If you know more than most about your topic, ask yourself: what do you know that Joe Public doesn't? For example, you know that planned ignoring is often a highly effective toddler discipline technique. Ignoring now is one of your secrets of toddler discipline.

Three/Five/Seven Fatal Errors Already written your tips article? Just rewrite it, but say the opposite. So if you wrote an article on budgeting and one of your tips was Write down all your spending, the Fatal Error tip might be Throw out all your receipts. Make sure you explain why this is a bad idea in the paragraph. People skim read online.

How To Waste/How Not To... A variation on the fatal errors template, with more opportunity for humour. Example - Waste your free time by devoting every weekend to developing your couch potato skills, consuming numerous portions of fried food and limiting exercise.


turns the idea of a checklist on its head. Just think what else you can use as the basis for a checklist article: things to consider before purchasing a motorhome/doing a juice fast/investing in the stock market. The possibilities are endless!

You can find more article templates

here (You will need to scroll down to the section entitled "Article Templates = Blueprints to Success" right near the foot of the page.

Still stuck for article ideas? Reading others articles should give you more than enough inspiration . Remember: borrow the template (like we just did for the backpacking checklist), but don't steal the content.

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