Alexa Web Rankings

Confused about Alexa web rankings?

What follows is a continuation of the best article directories and will help you decide how to choose an article directory.

There are 4 factors to take into account when choosing which directory to submit to:

  1. Alexa rank
  2. Page rank
  3. Do Follow/No Follow links
  4. If it's a niche directory
Let me explain...

What Are Alexa Web Rankings?

Alexa is an organisation that ranks websites in order of popularity, number one being the most popular.

Page rank is Google's measure of how important any given webpage is, going from 0 to 10.

No Follow links are links that don't count in Google's eyes. these are not worth having if you wish to optimise your site for the search engines.

A niche directory will be more powerful if it's linking to you than a general directory because this link is more relevant to your website. It's like an expert n your field is recommending you.

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