How To Change This Boring Headline NOW!

The headline is one of the most important things you need to take into account when writing an advert, webpage, or any kind of persuasive text.

It's got to grab your reader's attention - because without that, they won't continue and everything else you write from then on will be a big waste.

So don't be boring with your headlines! Make people stop and ask questions, get curious.

Here are 5 ways to change a very run-of-the-mill headline, for example "3 Easy Ways To Lose Weight":

1. Refer to something in the text. Note how the headline of this email did exactly that ("Change this headline")

2. Ask a question: "Which Of These 3 Weight Loss Methods Is The Most Effective?"

3. Use "you/your" to make it more personal: "3 Easy Ways For You To Lose Weight"

4. Use the language of warfare: "How To Win Not Only The Battle Of The Bulge, But The War"

5. Start of with the phrase 'Why Some People...': "Why Some People Find It So Easy To Lose Weight"

All the best

Harriet & Emily The Writing Genie